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ABOUT US!!!   

With ten instruments between them, there's never a dull moment when Indie-Polk duo Any O'Neill & CeeCee take to the stage.

A chance meeting at midnight on New Year's 2013 marked the serendipitous birth of the band. "I couldn't find the girl I was supposed to be meeting in an overcrowded Central London," Any says, "Alone & nearing the strike of twelve, CeeCee dragged me up to join her celebrations instead. Discovering a shared interest in music we quickly decided to join musical forces!"

Initially a 7 piece, the band slowly morphed into a duo. "When a band member couldn't make a rehearsal or gig, one of us would fill in their parts." recalls Any, "Until one day we realised that we could fill all the musical parts ourselves as a duo. From that moment, we knew we were on to something special!"

Recently out of the studio, having finished recording their debut EP, due out later this year, & with over a hundred gigs scheduled around the UK in the next 12 months, it's a busy time for the duo. "Playing live is what we live for," states CeeCee, "We're dying to get back out there and show everyone what we've been working on in the studio. I've never been more proud."

A lot of our lyrics touch on social commmentary" Any says, "And that's important to us. We think of songs as snapshots of life happening around us. " "Performing is where my heart lies," CeeCee continues, "and getting to meet an array of different people with a plethora of stories and exploring all sorts of random towns & places. It's what puts a smile on my face every day!"